Frankie - Server Free Avatar (Quest+PC)

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Frankie, your cute kitty ghoul!

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Frankie is a server gift for reaching 1k server members! Frankie is the counterpart to Phantom, who is available on LPB's shop.

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The concepts for their outfits, drawn by marmar#0420 and created juuul#3822 and Wiliem#4119

She was made in collaboration with LPB aka mar mar. We created Frankie and Phantom with lots of love, attention and trinkets. We hope you like them <3

Her free features include...
★clothing toggles (onesie-skirt-socks-demonyas)
★accessories toggles (elf ears-crown-batbag-horns-wings-jewelry-cat ears)
★avatar contacts (nose boop and head pat)
★particle effects (spiderwebs that follow footsteps)
★wiggly phantom buddy (size adjustable and world placement)
★groan tube (it makes that WOaHHAP sound)
★candy basket (you can swing it around, knock some heads)
★hue shifts (hair-eyes-tattoo emission- clothing)
★skin shift (3 skin tones and ghoul mode which also changes eye color)

Her paid features include...
★dps (pu$$y, butt, hands, mouth)
★clothing toggle (naked ;0)

♡ ; Redistributing, re-selling, or sharing my models is not allowed under any circumstance.

♡ ;If you plan on buying this model with/for someone, please put their information in when purchasing along with yours.

♡ ;Price splitting or trading is not allowed. Dm me if you need to discuss a lower price.

♡ ;Making any of my models public is not allowed.

♡ ;You may not upload to another account.

♡ ;No refunds under any circumstances.

♡ ;None of the assets on my model may be reused.

♡ ;If you wish to use my model on any platform like like TikTok/Youtube/Vtube/Twitch/Pornhub,etc(which allows you to profit off my model.) You must credit my shop with a link (, somewhere CLEARLY VISIBLE.

♡ ;My models may be used on any social vr platform, as long as all tos is followed(vrc,neos,cvr+)

♡ ;Only way of obtaining my models is by legally purchasing them through my gumroad (dis page)

♡ ;Please follow these instructions to gift- click here - make sure to put all the recipients information, not yours.


spidersuit +skirt + horns + batbag + crown + ear piercings - juuul#3822
ghost plushie - luthers
candy basket - Khailchips#2037
paw paddle - Kisu☆#1000
tattoos and makeup - Uni#1369( edited by marmar#0420)
spidercharms - wen#4076
onesie - ничто#6666 (with permission)
demonyas - Plaz#0891
septum chain - Meowuw#0001
groan tube -Xevian#0001
tights + base + hair + head - Sugs#9795
locomotion fix -WetCat#6969 + Alc#0002 + Dj Lukis.LT#4639 + INYO#9404 + Gireison#0001
fluffs toolbox - fluff#5265
edited foot particles - 게으름
av3 creator + basic dynamics - Rafa#0069
avatar art -@krabiccus

marmar#0420 aka LPB did mostly all the unity work, adding fun particles and toys and things. Here is her shop and server. Please take a look at her work as well as join her server to see what shes working on

ヽ(°∀°人´ヮ´)ノ couldn't have made these avatars without her! ♡

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Frankie - Server Free Avatar (Quest+PC)

605 ratings
I want this!