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"I love you too" -Sweets

SilasV2 is apart of a 2 month long project, along with his counterpart SweetsV2. Much of that time was spent learning and getting frustrated but here they are 。:゚૮ ˶ˆ ﻌ ˆ˶ ა ゚:。

His PC features include...

✧Closet toggles (hoodie+tanktop+tshirt+boxers+shorts+pants+shoes+slippers)
✧Vanity toggles ( jewelry+glasses+socks+bunny set+puppy set)
✧2 different hairs
✧Texture swaps (3 different texture options for hoodie+pants+shorts+boxers+tshirt)
✧Outfit hue shift (hoodie+ boxers+pants+shorts+jewelry)
✧Nose boop and head pat interaction
✧VRMarker for writing in game
✧DPS (hands, mouth, butt, pp out)
✧Radial with 4 skin tones
✧Locomotion fix
✧Radial with 3 hair colors
✧Radial for hair color hue, emission hue, emission strength
✧Radial for eye color
✧Black to white toggle(tanktop+slippers+socks)
✧Little heart guy familiar follower}
✧NO GOGOLOCO (was breaking the models)

Visit SweetsV2's page for all her information!

( ˘︹˘ )TOS
♡ ; Redistributing, re-selling, or sharing my models is not allowed under any circumstance.

♡ ;If you plan on buying this model with/for someone, please put their information in when purchasing along with yours.

♡ ;Price splitting or trading is not allowed. Dm me if you need to discuss a lower price.

♡ ;Making any of my models public is not allowed.

♡ ;You may not upload to another account.

♡ ;No refunds under any circumstances.

♡ ;None of the assets on my model may be reused.

♡ ;If you wish to use my model on any platform like like TikTok/Youtube/Vtube/Twitch/Pornhub,etc(which allows you to profit off my model.) You must credit my shop with a link (, somewhere CLEARLY VISIBLE.

♡ ;My models may be used on any social vr platform, as long as all tos is followed(vrc,neos,cvr+)

♡ ;Only way of obtaining my models is by legally purchasing them through my gumroad (dis page)

♡ ;Please follow these instructions to gift- - make sure to put all the recipients information, not yours.

υ´• ﻌ •`υ Credits!

head-Cicieaaa#7777 (my edit)
hair-kri#1214(my edit)
eye texture+hair texture-Ryuohh#0001
tattoo pngs-Skulli#7154
locomotion fix- WetCat#6969 + Alc#0002 + Dj Lukis.LT#4639 + INYO#9404 + Gireison#0001
follower system-hfcRed
conversion -noelia
bunny set+puppy set + glasses + jewelry + choker + slippers + bows + hoodie + shorts + pants + tanktop + bra + undies + heart guy familiar + socks -made by me ૮ฅ・ﻌ・აฅ (juuul#3822)

nothing on this model is to be reused, if you would like to use anything credited you may purchase from their links. otherwise all my assets are private.

thank you so much to meowuw for teaching me unity♡ cherriuwu for doing my fixes and adding cool stuff♡ and eros for helping with the showcase♡

ps. the showcase was made after release so many small things have been fixed. and the preview pictures dont have all the avatars menu just most.

I want this!

heres some answered questions...

I bought the original sweets or silas...
thank u for the past support! you have the option to receive a 25% discount! dm(juuul#3822)
Quest compatible?
Yep! and they look good
Allowed on other vr social platforms?
As long as my tos and everything is followed, sure
Do they ha-
Yes... Yes they have dps.
117k polys.22 meshes.Very poor rating.
FBT Ready?
Absolutely! theyve been tested and bug checked
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SilasV2 - Avatar (Quest+PC)

64 ratings
I want this!